Friday, August 5, 2011

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Sl (i9003) to Gingerbread (i9003XXKPE)

Wanna feel the new Gingerbread for Galaxy SL...
Check this out!!!

1. Download this file first (*Password is
2. Unrar that file, and you should find Odin3_v1.83, open that file.
3. Check Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, and F.Reset Time.
4. Click PIT button and select this file: latona_20110114.pit
5. Set your Galaxy to download mode : Press Volume down + OK, then hold Power button.
6. Connect USB cable and the program will detect the phone's Com number.
7. Click Start button to download the PIT file to phone.
8. After it is Done Click on Reset button.
9. Click PDA button and select this file: CODE_I9003XXKPE_CL409735_REV08_user_low_ship.tar
10. Click PHONE button and select this file: MODEM_I9003XXKPE_REV_00_CL1041909.tar
11. Click BOOTLOADER button and select this file: APBOOT_I9003XXKPE_CL409735_REV08_user_low_ship.tar
12. Click CSC button and select this file: GT-I9003-CSC-MULTI-OXAKPE.tar
13. Unplug usb cable, remove battery, insert battery and bring it back to download mode. Then connect USB cable again.
14. Click Start button to flash these files to phone.
15. Do not touch anything till you see PASS on the program window.
16. Factory reset
17. Reflash from steps 9 -15 again for make sure the rom runs properly.
18. If during flashing, Odin stack at some point, wait for a few minutes and if it still stack,close Odin, unplug USB cable, remove battery, go to download mode again, and repeat from step 2.
** I have upgrade to this rom version, and until now, I haven't found any bugs. The battery is better than XXKB3. Quadrant benchmark reach approx 1200. First startup will take some time. Happy flashing...


  1. 16. factory reset <-- how to do it?

  2. @neldras go to setting->privacy->Factory data reset

  3. File not available... another consequence of SOPA?

  4. Hey. I tried it but it appear to be a problem. It always came out with "The application Setup Wizard ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

    Do you know what happen? Is it not compatible with the phone?

    Hope you can help.. Thanks in advance...